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Before we get started, some techie-type notes. Click on ANY thumbnail picture to bring up the original. Those taken prior to the family's acquisition of the Olympus C2040Z digital camera were scanned in with their H-P OfficeJet from prints. And yes, the pages were indeed originally created with Publisher98, and then cleaned up with one of the freebie (Coffee Cup FREE HTML 6.0) programs. Can't you tell?

He's the ugly one with the beard ...

While this is the obvious place for his bio, he doesn't really feel like writing one now, so the details shall remain mercifully absent. He retired early so that he could play with his toys, and all the rest of the site will feature them. (His wife, Marsha, who is an acomplished artist and retired home-ec teacher, has her own web site, which is probably far more interesting than this one.)

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And, in the extremely unlikely event that someone would like to send him e-mail:

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