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Whether by design or by some ill quirk of fate, you have stumbled upon the pages of:


Retired computer systems specialist, Roller-coaster fanatic, Model airplane nut, Railfan, Sailor, Beer snob, Once-competent musician, and Curmudgeon.

(I can't draw or paint worth a damn, though. So if you are looking for the rather famous British artist with the same name, try bjacklin.com)

"What the hell does he need a web page for?" -- A friend

"Eewww. He should have let HER build it." -- An artist friend

"Look at those fonts -- you can tell that he can't see a damn thing!" -- Another friend

"It's a good thing that he still has a sense of humor." -- His wife

"Well, I suppose that there are a lot worse things he could do." -- His mother-in-law

"Gawd, I hoped he wouldn't do that." -- The owner of this server

"Leave it to a Unix geek to build a web site in Publisher." -- An acquaintance

You have been warned!! But, if you insist,


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